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INSTApart is unique as we only charge manufacturing time without any additional setup or engineering fees. An optimum part design according to our specifications will greatly reduce machining time and thus total part costs.

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Part Specifications


INSTApart manufactures parts with an automated 3 axis milling process. Therefore we can only manufacture parts which are millable from a single side. This restriction enables us to fully utilize our automated manufacturing process and reduce overall cost to a minimum.

We are currently working on an upgrade, so that we can also mill parts from two sides. Expect an upgrade for double sided parts by the end of 2023.

Maximum Part Dimensions

INSTApart manufactures parts up to 600x500x20mm.

Minimum Part Dimensions

We clamp our workpieces automatically. However due to workholding constraints we can only mill parts larger than 20 x 20 mm.

We offer a workaround for smaller parts. You can download our support frame at . Please place your part within the tab structure. We will leave the tabs attached to your workpiece and ship out thecomplete part.

Our quotation software will automatically detect whether your part fits into our part dimension criteria.


INSTApart strives to manufacture precise parts. However due to the nature of the milling process there will always be a slight offset of part dimensions in contrast to your CAD model.

Usually we manufacture between +-0.05 mm per 100 mm. A part with a dimension of 100mm should usually be between 99.95 and 100.05 mm. As we currently do not measure all part dimensions we can only guarantee +- 0.1 mm / 100 mm at room temperature

We are working on an optional guarantee for +-0.05mm / 100 mm by the End of 2023.

Engineering fit

We at INSTApart strive to manufacture your parts as precise as possible. Usually we hold +- 0.05 mm / 100mm.

We are currently working on optional engineering fits. You will be able to select the engineering fits during the order process. Additionally we are working on automatically machining all holes within H10 without further selection.


INSTApart machines and finishes your outline automatically. Sharp inner edges will be automatically radiused. Our only pre view shows automatically radiused corners.

We recommend a minimum of 3.25 mm inner radius for lowest cost.

Minimum inner radius: 0.75 mm for parts up to 10 mm thickness, 1.25 mm for parts up to 15 mm thickness


INSTApart can only machine pockets with an inner radius. Sharp inside radii will be automatically radiused as shown in our 3D pre view.

We recommend a minimum of 3.25 mm inner radius for lowest cost.

Minimum inner radius: 0.75 mm for parts up to 10 mm thickness, 1.25 mm for parts up to 15 mm thickness


Currently we do not recommend placing text on your workpiece as we do not have a text recognition algorithm. Text below our minimum feature size will be automatically ignored.

Minimum feature size: 1.25 mm for parts up to 10 mm thickness, 2.25 mm for parts up to 15 mm thickness

Fillet and Chamfers
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INSTApart is fully capable of milling chamfers and fillets. However keep in mind that we usually approximate chamfers and fillets with a small step over. Thus increasing production time and part cost.

We recommend omitting chamfers and fillets if they are not necessary as we automatically deburr parts using an electrochemical etching process.

Feature thickness
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We recommend a minimum wall thickness of 1 mm. Wall thicknesses below 1mm can lead to instability problems during manufacturing.

We recommend keeping all pockets bigger than 3.5 mm. However usually our software will accept a 1.5 mm minimum feature size up to 10 mm of part thickness.

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INSTApart is fully capable of milling holes. For optimum cost we recommend keeping the minimum hole diameter at part thickness / 3

Min. hole diameter: 0-5 mm part thickness: 1.25mm, up to 10 mm part thickness: 2.25 mm, up to 15 mm part thickness: 3.25 mm.


We are currently working on additionally milling threads into your part.

We will be able to mill M3 to M8 threads up to the full depth. Expect an update to thread milling by mid 2023

Surface Finish

Currently INSTApart does not offer separate surface finishes. However our electroplating process leaves a deburred, matt grey aluminium part which does not require any further treatment.

All plastic and carbon parts are cleaned and left as manufactured and may still have slight burrs.


INSTApart automatically deburrs Aluminium parts via an electrochemical etching process. This process usually deburrs the complete part. However it is possible that there a some minor burrs left.

All carbon and plastic parts are left as manufactures which may leave sharp edges or slight burrs.