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Which materials are processed by Instapart

CNC parts made from Aluminium

We manufacture CNC parts from Aluminium 5083(AlMg4,5Mn). This Aluminium alloy enables strong and robust prototype and series parts up to a size of 600x500x20 mm.

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How much do CNC parts cost?

The costs of a cnc part are depending on the part complexity. Simple geometries are easier millable and thus cheaper in production. We at INSTApart focus on single sided CNC parts and offer them at the best cost possible.

How does your Online Calculator for CAD parts work?

We analyze your CAD model and automatically calculate the optimum machine code for manufacturing. Your part price is calculated based on the size of your raw material and the manufacturing time.

Which CAD files can be manufactured?

We mill your parts out of .stp or .step files. Step files offer an outstanding precision and are commonly exported by all CAD programs. Please export your CAD model to a .stp or .step file before uplaoding.

How much does a CNC machine hour cost?

Usually machining hours on industrial milling machines are calculated between 70 and 140€ per hour. In contrast to our competitors, we at INSTApart only charge milling time and clamping costs. We don’t charge CAM programming costs as this is done automatically by our innovative software.

Does INSTApart mill CAD parts for private persons?

Sure, we are happy to make your parts. However we can only offer a refund for custom parts if we do not meet our manufacturing specifications.

For whom do you mill parts at INSTApart?

We focus on 2.5 axis millable parts and offer prototypes our small production runs at competitive cost directly in Austria.

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